How to Compare Top Beta App Distribution Tools

How to Compare Top Beta App Distribution Tools

When it’s time to pick the tools to lend a hand for carrying out your beta test, a beta app distribution software tool is one of the first things you require to consider. Beta distribution software platforms enable you to distribute the beta version of your applications to your testing professional’s over-the-air (OTA) right away from the different public app stores.

There are a lot of diverse beta distribution tools on the market providing diverse features, pricing and business models. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best beta distribution platforms and their effective features which can help you.

1) Install On Air

The Install On Air platform is an application testing platform that was launched to assist developers and testers in many different ways. It comes with helpful features like enhanced drag and drops functionality, easy one-tap application installation, better device compatibility, effective Android Distribution and effortless iOS Beta App Distribution. The solution is free to use with a diverse range of benefits mentioned below.

  • It enables all types and sizes of builds
  • Without login this platform keeps builds for 7 days
  • With login it keeps builds for around 60 days
  • There is no subscription fees or download limits
  • Communication by both Live Chat and Email Support

2) Crashlytics

Crashlytics is recognized for its crash reporting abilities, but it even provides beta distribution and application analytics. More significantly, it provides these features for both Android and iOS. Having an integrating with their SDK, you can send email to your testers with a link to download the application. It uses integrations with bug trackers like Jira and tools like Slack. They have open-sourced their integration implementation so you can adapt it to your requirements.

However, it doesn’t support cross-platform and in-app feedback from the testers.

3) Hockey App

Hockey App can be integrated with the Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS and Windows app. You can decide amid sending your testers a link to register on HockeyApp account or a link to the applications public download page. In adding up to distribution, it provides crash reports, segmented in-app notifications, user feedback, and data analytics.

However, HockeyApp is going to be broken off and integrated into the App Center.

4) Appaloosa

Appaloosa is an enterprise app store that is utilized for beta app distribution. Using their solutions, you can upload the required beta build and distribute it to the testers through the private app store.

Testers are engaged to the private app store via a link that can be sent through an email. Appaloosa does not provide in-app feedback, bug reporting, or crash reporting software tools; however testers can submit feedback to the concerned application store page.

Key Takeaways

These platforms are clear-cut to use and come with superior functionalities that empower app developers and testers to do testing in an adept way. They empower developers to send applications to testers getting their analytics with essential insights and highly filtered reports.

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